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Monroe 2019. június 07.

Very funny pictures “In relation to the massacres, perhaps the reactions were too moderate. There were condemnations, but…if we had seen this same level of repression against demonstrators in Cuba, Russia or China, the reactions from western media and western politics would have been a lot stronger. Another example of how geopolitical interests are more important than principals.”

Homer 2019. június 07.

I'm afraid that number's ex-directory xxxnx As the weather cools, try their big bowls of soup or stew, like the spicy, firey red sundubu jjigae ($8.95), made with soft rectangles of tofu and vegetables. The tteokmanduguk — a steaming bowl of clear broth filled with vegetables, rice cake noodles and mandoo — is a perfect light lunch, as is the bimbimbap, a classic Korean rice dish served here with loads of shredded vegetables, lettuces and bean sprouts (both $8.95).

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